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From The Greek Streets

Anarchist build-up for November 17th anti-dictatorial demonstrations: “when the people are confronted with the threat of tyranny, they either chose the chains or the guns”

The build-up for the annual commemorative events for the anti-dictatorial student uprising of 1973 is fully underway, with demonstrations planned across Greece. In Athens and in Heraclion, at least, some anarchist blocks will use the same slogan that had been used by the EAM, the communist movement of armed resistance against the Nazi occupation: “when the people are confronted with the threat of tyranny, they either chose the chains or the guns”.
The first image, below, is of the poster calling to the anarchist block in Heraclion, Crete; the second image is of women of the National Liberation Front (EAM) demonstrate outside the Greek Parliament during the Greek civil war.

“Let’s go one step further: On the present situation in Greece”

English original at
At the time of the writing of this article the ruling class is continuing to search for the “right” person who as “transitional” prime minister can guarantee implementation of the unpopular measures to be taken against the people of Greece, squeezing them once again and ensuring continuation of the most savage exploitation in recent history. [Ελληνικά]

Let’s go one step further

On the present situation in Greece

At the time of the writing of this article the ruling class is continuing to search for the “right” person who as “transitional” prime minister can guarantee implementation of the unpopular measures to be taken against the people of Greece, squeezing them once again and ensuring continuation of the most savage exploitation in recent history. We are in a situation where new austerity – and other – measures are continually being announced, wages cut, redundancies constantly growing, bargaining agreements hacked to pieces, the number of unemployed and poor people is increasing, social rights and civil liberties are being up, where repressive mechanisms and their assistants act more and more like a Mafia than ever before, and where society is being crushed further every day.
As a result there is massive social unrest, as thousands of demonstrators take to the streets and squares either as strikers or simply as frustrated people. There are numerous new attempts at social organising such as the local people’s open assemblies and new movements (such as the No Pay Movement), while at the same time the whole social movement contines in its conflict and clashes with the forces of repression and their parliamentary assistants.
The 48-hour strike called by the central union confederation GSEE (General Confederation of Greek Workers) and ADEDY (Civil Servants’ Confederation) on 19-20 October produced a massive, unprecedented mobilisation across the country, as thousands of workers, unemployed, pensioners, students, schoolchildren, etc. went on strike and took to the streets to show their opposition to the measures being taken by the rotten political system and the plethora of laws that are now destroying our entire society. In Athens, a vast sea of people turned out – one of the largest strikes in recent decades – clearly showing the huge social and political rupture between the great majority of the people and the entire class of political and economic power. As a result, the social plundering has been fully de-legitimised and the only weapons left in the hands of the State and its institution is complete suppression and the salvation generously offered by the world of parliamentary representation.
In particular, the contribution to this process by the PAME (All Workers’ Militant Front, a syndicalist part of the Communist Party-KKE), copying the counter-revolutionary practices of social democracy and Stalinism since the 1920s, has tried to block every movement with different characteristics to their own, suppressing all forms of labour and popular radicalisation and preserving and saving the bourgeois parliament building from angry demonstrators. This attitude by the PAME/KKE exceeded all bounds when, on the same evening of 20 October, a militant worker and member of this party died because of the murderous chemicals that the police used and the party attempted to link his death to the clashes between the KKE and other protesters. Some other left formations have been moving on the same wavelength (perhaps with more audacity), organizations like ANTARSYA (a non-parliamentary coalition on the anti-capitalist left, outside the KKE) and some of their components, together with some Maoist groups, imploring the Communist Party to give them some attention.
But apart from the clearly repressive – at the expense of the autonomous and non-party-aligned social movement – tactics by the Stalinists, the miserable attitude by some parts of the protesters must also be condemned, some sectors of which are self-characterised as anarchists and anti-authoritarians, who attacked not the KKE guards, but the simple PAME protesters with marbles and petrol bombs that fell into the crowd. We must condemn these practices in the most categorical manner, as we do the attacks of the KKE guards who used helmets and sticks against any other demonstrators.
However, we can now see that there is a broader “systemic arch” that includes both the State, its institutions and the parties involved in those institutions, but also some leftist extra-parliamentary forces which have been already deployed in the name of “safeguarding” the constitutional system (from the “uncontrolled” people) and the “organised” movement (that is, institutionalised syndicalist and political representation) and is attempting to control and define the limits of bourgeois normality within which the social anger and indignation can move.
As the crisis deepens and the social war is exacerbated, the challenge now is to bring up the issue of how to finally overthrow social barbarism, by collectively building a new life on the wreck of the entire old world which is adrift together with its components. Another goal must be to go beyond the limits of the spectacle of mass demonstrations, limits which are imposed by the system and the mass media, and turn the mobilization into something more real, with more concrete action and not just a regular spot on the TV news.
While we are at a historic crossroads, in a situation where the possibilities for social counter-attack and subversion have now occurred and one can no longer hide behind the alleged passivity of society, we have seen, however, the weaknesses and failures of those forces who act in the name of social change but who are substantially hiding behind the mistakes and systemic choices of the institutionalised Left.
However, the forces of class-struggle anarchists are still small and fragmented and cannot manage the burden of responsibility by themselves. Yet the dominant characteristics of a significant part of the anarchists are still violence for the sake of violence, hostility to any anarchist organisation and aformalistic tendencies that lead nowhere, despite some flashes.
But it is time that this multi-tendency current for unmediated, horizontal, direct-democratic social disobedience and change in society, should develop its own independent, autonomous path of struggle for social counter-power. Through its own instruments, which have no connection with military-style debates, parliamentary and press aformalistic illusions. It needs this social movement to establish its own counter-institutions for the organisation of life on the basis of individual and collective empowerment, solidarity, cooperative economics and direct democracy everywhere. Grassroots unions in workplaces have appeared over the past 3-4 years, there are scattered, local, public and open assemblies, self-managed projects that have timidly begun to appear as a result of the generalised crisis… these all point the way. And there are also the class-struggle anarchists, and also various other militants who share the same views, despite their small and scattered forces and the lack of a relevant tradition… they too must play a multifaceted role.
Let’s go one step further. If we are to bring about the social revolution we must begin from a change in our lives towards an organised, creative way! For anarchy and communism!

“Then with the tanks, now with the banks” – anarchists gear up preparation for November 17th commemoration

'Then with tanks, now with banks - uprising now' anarchist poster calling for a local demonstration in the Athenian neighbourhoods of Ano Glifada, Elliniko and Argyroupoli on November 17th, commemorating the 1973 student uprising against the Junta of the Colonels (1967-1974)

How did we get some this? Some first thoughts on the decision for the social onslaught ahead of us in Greece

The thoughts below are from the Indymedia commentator using the nickname ‘dakrygono’ (‘tear-gas’); their posts tend to be sharp and thought-provoking — a complete list of previous posts is here.

Original post (in Greek)
The sold-out, far-right government of the bankers is a political and historical fact; the “state of emergency” has jumped from the TV screens blasting the messages of propaganda of their ship-owners, straight to this government of dummies.
The System, as complete sovereignty of the parasitic Bourgeois Class, hands authority directly to the para-statists (to begin with, the bankers) — the final refuge for the scum of parliament and Capital.
The manipulations without the people and against it have reached an apogee, all coming from the Unity of the System…
All the parasitical parliamentary powers (PASOK, LAOS -the far-right-, New Democracy, the Communist Party, SYRIZA) of the Bourgeois Class, after criminalising the popular expression-referendum and played it down as a “false dilemma”, moved into an even more reactionary path…
They set up, under the command of bankers and shipowners, a new authoritarian hyper-structure of puppets that will respond to absolutely no [popular] expression, not even the most humble one, as is the electoral result.
A government of “national unity” with plenty of plaster [a reference to an infamous quote by the dictator Papadopoulos, that the country was sick and needed be placed in "plaster" --trans], with a sold-out chief banker as a prime minister, and a top priority of validating the Brussels agreement, which ordered the bankruptcy of the people and the rescue of the bankers and their shares. Puppets from across the parliamentary scum range, PASOK-New Democracy-the Communist Party-SYRIZA-LAOS, decided, either with a bang or with a whimper (scorning their institutions), the execution of the people in Greece, immediately and without the pretense of the humble, and equally scorned democratic intentions of the Constitution…
The takeover of power by para-statists (bankers and other puppets) is a political choice of the unity of the system (political parties, shipowners-mass media, embassies, foreign centres of power-EU, etc) as this has been established in Greece after the war.
Only hours after the reference to a referendum, which should have been a demand of the society in order to halt the hordes of the puppets turning against the people, an unprecedented unity of the system made its appearance. All bourgeois parties became a solid body of power, which even for a few hours was forced to abandon its supposed ideological reference and to turn into a solid, Class body against society… It is within those exact hours that we were brought into the “state of emergency”.
The photo-frame of the coalition would fit the smiles of all the corrupt and corroded parties of the parliament, PASOK-LAOS-ND-KKE-SYRIZA, the bankers, the shipowners… National unity has shrunk into the far-right parts of the system, which are nowadays ready to commit any crime against the people. The choices had been made for a while, and from today political life changes. Authority, by nominating these puppets, shows the path of resistance beyond the prissiness of the morons of the left. Society will respond, even if it is now startled in face of the social onslaught. The massiveness of social counter-violence can overthrow them as a whole, as it threatens them in their entirety and it can send the – so precious for them – social peace and systemic balance to hell.

The unity of the system reeks of fascism.

Little stories from IMF-run Greece: 32-year old woman dies after being arrested and detained for stealing three t-shirts

Greek original on Athens IMC
According to mainstream media reports, a 32-year old woman who was detained at the police HQ in the city of Patras hanged herself with a blanket. The 32-year old had been arrested earlier in the day, and was being detained, after stealing three t-shirts from a clothing store in the city.
The police report claims that the woman’s attempt to commit suicide was not spotted in time because CCTV in the detention cells are out of order. When the guard realised what was going on, apparently, an ambulance was called and the woman was transferred to the local hospital, Agios Andreas, where she was denounced dead, despite the doctors’ attempts to keep her alive.
It should be noted that no mainstream media have carried any official medical report as of yet, and therefore the only source claiming that the woman was not transferred to the hospital already dead is the police. This is crucial because this means that it is still unknown whether the woman committed suicide, or whether she died following her possible treatment by the police.

Grassroots resistance to austerity grows wildly, as at least 10 municipalities in Greece call for civil disobedience

At the same time when power crouches together into one single pro-austerity block (with the first coalition government in decades), grassroots resistance in Greece is spreading wildly. We had already reported on the wildcat occupations and strikes across Greece in response to the government-imposed “emergency property tax”, made payable via household electricity bills. Now, following the lead of the Athens municipality of Nea Ionia, at least 10 municipalities across the country have called their residents not to pay the tax, in an unprecedented call for civil disobedience. The municipalities calling for this action, so far are those of Nea Ionia, Elliniko, Argiroupoli, Saronikos, Peristeri, Ilio, Korydallos, Larisa, Ag. Ioannis Renti and Amarousion. All but one are in the greater Athens region.
Once again, the video showing step-by-step how everyone can reconnect their electricity connection, below.
When faced with naked fascism taking over power, the only way left is active, mass resistance where it hurts them the most.

Anti-fascist demonstration in Nikaia, Athens, November 12th at noon: no passaran!

16.22 GMT+2 Demonstrators holding open assembly at Perivolaki, Nikaia.
The neo-nazis of the Golden Dawn (Chrysi Augi) have called for a fascist gathering in the working class, traditionally leftist neighbourhood of Nikaia, in Athens.
In response, anarchist and leftist collectives have called for an anti-fascist demonstration at Davaki Square in Nikaia at 12 (local time).
At the time of writing (15.45 GMT+2) hundreds of anti-fascists were clashing  with the riot police in the streets of the neighbourhood, trying to get access to the fascist gathering.
Updates as they come.

Far-right thug with an axe becomes the new minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks in Greece

The photograph above depicts the newly appointed minister of infrastructure, transport and networks in Greece, Makis Voridis. Voridis is member of the far-right, populist party LAOS which participates in the government of ‘national unity’ with four members. Voridis was the same person pictured above, in 1985, holding a hand-made axe and forming part of a group of thugs roaming around Exarcheia in Athens, in search of people demonstrating against police operations taking place in the neighbourhood at the time.
Photo from jungle report.

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